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High Ranking Catholic Finally Charged in Sex Abuse Scandal

Finally! For the first time since the wave of sex abuse scandals surrounding the Catholic church began almost ten years ago, a high-ranking church official faces criminal charges in the US. Monsignor William Lynn, former secretary of the clergy for the Philadelphia Archdiocese, is being accused of child endangerment. From The Associated Press release:

The three priests and the teacher were charged with raping boys. Lynn, 60, was accused not of molesting children but of endangering them. A damning grand jury report said at least two boys were sexually assaulted because he put two known pedophiles in posts where they had contact with youngsters.

It’s telling that the primary significance of this is that a top official is being charged, rather than simply the fact that three priests raped young boys–a scenario that is now all too routine. So why is it that church officials, likely decent people (read: not pedophiles), are compelled keep child molesters among their ranks and plead ignorance when it all comes out?

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